Your New Year’s Resolution – Cable Or Satellite Broadband

Stop allowing your friends to beat you to the punch on social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. If they announced that you were engaged before you did, it’s time for an internet connection upgrade. Admit it. You have been clinging to that dirt-cheap dial-up connection for years now, refusing to pay not one dime more and saying, “They aren’t that much faster.” Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. Upgrading to cable or satellite broadband will be the best decision you’ve ever made.

These days, people of all ages are constantly on their phones or laptops with wireless updating their Facebook pages or posting their thoughts on Twitter. Not to mention the international use of messengers that has been going on for decades, such as AOL Instant Messenger or Yahoo! Messenger. Pictures are posted to Flickr and Webshots. People use Skype and other internet phone services to make phone calls or video calls to friends or relatives in other hemispheres.

In essence, peoples’ entire lives can be found online. It’s the way of the future. Sadly, if you aren’t using a DSL, cable or satellite broadband connection, you are going to be left behind. Dial-up causes delays in chatting and downloads files painfully slow, making photo albums impossible to browse through. And go ahead and forget about those aforementioned phone and video calls. Dial-up just doesn’t cut it. Therefore, you must make it your New Year’s resolution to have satellite or cable broadband installed.

Like the engagement announcement example above, having dial-up really can prevent the news from getting out there. A more famous example is President Clinton’s scandal with Monica Lewinsky. Most people don’t know that it was a blog that broke the news. That’s correct. The Drudge Report, a one-man operation without the help of a hefty newsroom budget or staff, was the first to report the scandal. Imagine if you had a juicy tidbit like that to publish on your blog, but you didn’t have cable or satellite broadband. Now, imagine the writhing anxiety induced upon your body while you wait for your dial-up connection to load.

Fortunately, even if you live in an area in which there are no broadband-offering landlines or DSL connections, you can still have a broadband connection. This is typically the case for people who live in rural or remote areas, where population is sparse and demand for broadband services is low. All you need to do is have a satellite dish installed to the roof of your home. Once installed, you can begin receiving your high-speed internet signal. The technology is simple to explain. Satellites orbiting the Earth at low altitudes, much like those of satellite TV, beam the signal down to dishes all over the globe.

So, forget about giving up chocolate or your promise to jog three times a week this year. You’ll be better served by making a promise that you can actually keep all year round. Put one hand in the air and repeat: “I promise to let go of my antiquated dial-up connection and have cable or satellite broadband installed.”

Source by Harvey Markus

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