Who Else Wants A Successful Direct Sales Business?

That’s right, who else wants a successful direct sales business? It is possible for anyone that has a strong desire to run the own business. You just have to decide that is what you want and take the steps to make it happen. True, direct sales sounds like work. But, it is work with really significant rewards.

Online business models are abundant. Choose what works for you. It really depends a lot on what you want your home business to become. Do you want to make a few bucks a month or a full time executive level income?

I choose a direct sales business model. I balked at first at the high ticket items, but soon realized that they can be easier to promote than less expensive items. And they certainly have the reward of a bigger paycheck for each transaction.

So, what is a direct sales business model? It means you sell the product directly to the customer for a great commission. When you handle it properly it can be very effective at bringing in the most amount of income in the least amount of time. For example a $2000 product would pay you a $1,000 commission and a $9,000 product could pay you a $4,000 commission.

If marketed correctly you can leverage your business to work when you playing golf or at the park with your family.

But steer clear of someone trying to sell you a business that claims no work and no selling required. Everything comes with effort. Don’t make the mistake of falling into a hype zone and jumping into every great new business that finds its way into your inbox. Pick one and stay focused.

Yet, it will still need your research and careful attention to find one with a good track record. Ideally most top producers prefer their company to have a good reputation, a high ticket item and stock option plan(a big bonus). The company must also have an effective, easy to learn marketing system with legitimate support. Remember, the marketing system is your tool to advertise your product or business without spending 6-12 months learning it all on your own. So research, make your decision, and take action!

Here are some of the advantages I looked for that are available with a direct sale business model:

1. Fast progress to a high level income (within 6-12 months)

2. High level of residual income.

3. Low risk

4. Low cost overhead expenses

5. Low start up costs

6. Access to Stock Option Plans

7. Easy access to information about the company

8. A built-in life-long support and training system

9. A user oriented education about how to develop and manage your your rock solid business

A direct sales approach requires a much lower sales volume to produce higher consistent cash flow. The commissions are not diluted among the other reps as they are in MLMs.

I really did walk out on a successful insurance career after 11 years. Though it gave me over $100k /year income, I was using up so much time and losing so much of life, I knew there had to be a better way. With a direct sales business, you can avoid some big issues that cause most “would be” entrepreneurs” to call-it-quits.

Source by Bert McClure

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