Which People Are Notorious Coffee Drinkers?

If you stop to think about it you will realize that people from all walks of life drink coffee on a daily basis. After all, it is the most popular beverage in the world. The question that some people ponder, however, is in regard to which types of people drink the most coffee. This is an important question to answer as it will help you determine if you are in that demographic. If you are in a group that drinks a lot of coffee you may want to know so that you can begin to cut back a bit.

In general, the people that drink the most coffee are people that work in office buildings. Workers with desk jobs usually have coffee assessable to them and can sit at their desks and drink it as they are doing their job. The thing to remember is that most of these types of jobs are in office buildings. When you work at an office building there is usually a kitchen area with a pot of coffee that is brewing or there is a service that comes in everyday and provides the employees with coffee and other breakfast related items.

Another group of people that are notorious for drinking coffee are school teachers. Teachers have a lounge area in their building that is fully equipped with a coffee pot. This makes coffee very accessible to them. Furthermore, many teachers feel that coffee is a necessity because they need it to stay awake and alert through the day. As a teacher you have to show up to work very early in the morning. The caffeine in the coffee gives these teachers the energy that they need in order to perform their job functions through the day. The fact that every teacher has a desk makes it convenient for them to sit down and enjoy a cup before the students get in.

The final group of people who are notorious coffee drinkers are any one that works a gravity shift. If you have to work through the night then there is a chance that you are going to be pretty tired. As an example, nurses at hospitals are responsible for working at night sometimes. That said, they need to be active and alert. Drinking coffee gives them the edge they need when it comes to being prepared for anything to happen because the caffeine has them wide awake.

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