Which Foods Cause Eczema – What Foods Should You Avoid?

Eczema is a bothersome medical skin condition that affects millions of people worldwide each year. Although there are many potential causes for eczema, not many individuals have considered that it can often be the food that they eat on a daily basis which can be causing their eczema. Here you will find some of the most common types of trigger foods which set off eczema in otherwise healthy individuals.

As much as people may hate to hear it, caffeine is often a common trigger for eczema. The caffeine found in foods and beverages can cause an increase in the hormones in the body which cause stress and can trigger an outbreak of eczema. Items with high levels of caffeine that should be avoided include chocolate, soda, tea, and coffee.

Common Allergy Related Foods
Many foods that cause common allergy problems can often cause outbreaks of eczema in those who do not suffer from other forms of allergic reactions. Even if you believe you are not allergic to a particular food, if you are experiencing eczema you may want to cut back on items such as wheat, corn, eggs, and nuts. It is important to remember not only basic forms of these foods, but other products that might contain them as well, such as corn syrup, or convenience mixes found in the store.

Dairy and Red Meats
Some foods are harder to digest by the body than others. Red meat and dairy products are some of these types of products which make the body work harder in order to digest them fully. Sometimes when this occurs, the by-products of the foods are not broken down properly and can block pores, causing breakouts of eczema.

A Healthy Diet
Maintaining an overall healthy diet that is balanced and focused on the guidelines set forth by the food pyramid can help an individual reduce the occurrence of eczema outbreaks. Plenty of fresh fruits and leafy green vegetables will help to cleanse the body of impurities, and water which is drunk on a regular basis can flush out impurities as well. This can allow you to enjoy the foods above in moderation while avoiding uncomfortable bouts of eczema.

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