What Should Be on Your Super Food List?

What is my favorite raw organic superfoods? That is a tough question. There are just a lot of raw organic superfoods that I really don’t know which is my favorite. And I have to choose one? Can I choose three? Okay, I won’t obey you, I will choose three. Got it?

If I were to choose my three favorite raw organic superfoods, this would be it. First would be Golden Inca Berries. These berries are high in phosphorus and protein. It also has got bioflavonoids which is a good source for an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiviral properties. It is also easy to take as it can be eaten like a snack or mixed with drinks and salads.

Then another favorite of mine is Tibetan Goji Berries. This other type of berries contain the most powerful probiotic in the world. It can strengthen the immune system, help curb appetite and over-eating, engender a sense of well-being and optimism, increase energy and reduce fatigue and it can also reduce the effects of free radicals in the body. They are also one of the truly great raw organic superfoods out there. Bar none.

And my last favorite raw organic superfood that is definitely not he least is Raw Cacao Nibs. Raw Cacao Nibs as a chocolate is loaded with a lot of super-nutrients. It has got magnesium, MAO inhibitors, anandamine and phenylethylamine,

Now you see my point ? Just looking at those three raw organic superfoods makes it hard for you to decide which one is your favorite. And now you are asking me to choose one. Now you see my point?

Have a nice day!

Source by Paul S Fitzgerald

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