Weight Loss – Best Alternative To Crash-Dieting

Obesity has been a deep concern in US as recent studies show that nearly one quarter of US population, pretty reluctant to avoid junk-foods, are obese and more alarming is the fact that nearly 3,00,000 people die each year for obesity. Obesity related disorders and diseases are rapidly growing up in the entire nation and a vast majority of the population is desperately searching for the methods to loose their weight and stay fit. Various training programs, diet-pills, nutritional supplements, appetite-suppressant, Green Tea Extract Supplements, or even Algae Tablets have covered the market as a whole to meet up the needs of the growing obese population. Each product has its own claim, like – "Reduce 20 lb in a month – Guaranteed", or "Reduce 10 lb in a week – Guaranteed", which have mostly been identified as fraudulent claims and despite FDA, being pro-active to detect such exaggerated claims, it is hard to give it a check because of the demands. People are just getting crazy to loose those extra pounds.

Quite often than not, most of the weight loss methods involve a crash-dieting: getting into a quite unnatural food habits, a diet which is totally fat free; it contains a bare minimum amount of carbohydrates and proteins; in some intense diet chart – there is only provision for salads, fruits or custards; some diet chart includes only water and liquid / juice. Though you may look slim and thin after adapting to a crash dieting at the initial stage, but if continued over a period of time, you can not avoid the risk of a long-term damage.

This is simply another form of starvation, a self-starvation, which may eventually lead to fatal consequences. As food provides the necessary energy to our body-cells to undertake much needed metabolic activities, absence of food will simply mean that you are not supplying energy to your body, so it is quite natural for your body to stop metabolic activities gradually, such a disorder is termed as anorexia, a direct consequence of crash dieting. In its advance stage, you may have breathing trouble, low blood pressure, or even a heart failure; this is particularly dangerous for the pregnant women as they may run the risk of miscarriage. Anorexia may even lead to osteoporosis.

Thus a steep crash dieting is not the best option available for your to reduce the extra pounds, and it is better to take a low calorie diet with some regular exercise to reduce those unwanted fat from your body. If you are not quite sure about the exercises or the diet charts, you can obviously go on for trying the weight loss video training programs available today, which focuses mostly on reducing your fat, and at the same time keeping you healthy and fit. It is often quite confusing to decide which program to choose from amongst a handful of available options. As a general rule of thumb, in the beginning you should avoid programs that are loaded with difficult exercises. It is always better to start with simple but challenging exercises as this will develop your confidence level and at the same time contribute towards the desired result. The programs should communicate in detail every move and steps and should be instructive in nature. A lot of repetition of catch phrase, as found in few such programs, may eventually spoil your mood. The video should be interesting to watch, as you need to watch it over and over again to follow the instructions and the exercises exactly.

Thus, to burn those extra calories in order to perfectly shape your body, a crash dieting, or diet pills, or anything – that claims to give overnight or quick effect – is not the best practice. It is better to have some routine work out and to take low calorie foods only as per the advice of the experts in this field.

Source by John Rice

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