The Secret to Staying Lean With Protein

Mathematics is used just about everywhere, even the human body. Subtract a few carbs and add a few proteins. Wise eh!! The importance of protein in our body has been talked about time and again. Its always essential to calculate how much protein is consumed each day.

Let’s first discuss some science first. We say protein quite quickly as any term, but do we know the literal meaning of the word “Protein”? It has been derived from the Greek term “proteios” which means “primary” or “holding first place”. It is a well selected term and most of the living things depend on the four chemicals which are proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates and lipids.

On an average, a wheat grain contains about 15 percent protein. This is grouped into two. One which is concerned with the metabolism of the grain like enzymes etc. The second kind is stocked by the grain so as to give some kind of nitrogen upon germination. This information had been provided by J. R. Oliver from Wagga Wagga, AUSTRALIA.

Scientists have talked about protein being an “effective strategy” to burn some fat and keep away what is called “dietary thermo genesis” or “thermic effect of food.”

Now we are all aware that protein is necessary for our body. However, most of the proteins are found in our muscles. The tissues in our muscles contain what is known as actin and myosin proteins which complement each other when the tissues expand and contract.

Few of the experts say that as you maintain your weight, with some protein added to your meal, you have very less chances to gain any weight, especially when it’s lost. However, even if there was any weight gain, it was lean weight and no actual fat. This showed the high protein rate and less of appetite. Even though for losing fat, calories are of utmost importance, still they are not the only reason. Proteins form an essential part as compared to carbohydrates and they play an exceptionally significant role, to lose weight and gain never again.

We know how important protein is, but the question is do we know how much protein we should eat? The two recurring questions are: 1) What are the protein foods that we should eat and 2) how much? As we know protein food which can be consumed are milk, cereal and pulse combinations, cottage cheese and yogurt (curd). In case you are a non vegetarian; you can include lean meats like chicken, fish and eggs (minus the whites). Try having portions of the protein food everyday and you are sure to meet the simmer you. Say you can try this combination, one glass of milk, one cup of yogurt, two servings of any of the pulses you wish to prepare and one serving of lean meat like chicken, fish or even an egg.

Some wish to try supplements, but for someone who works out supplements aren’t quite advised.

Remember, you need to eat more protein to burn fat.

Source by Chris McCombs

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