The Right Way to Cook Rice in the Microwave

While it is a wonderful staple food and an excellent side dish for all kinds of meals, rice is unfortunately one of the harder foods to cook in a microwave because so many things can go wrong. At times when trying this in the past, you have probably found that the rice comes out dry, burnt, or even mushy and gross when cooked in a microwave. There are things that you can do that will help you get a better quality rice out of your microwave if this is the only way that you have to cook this type of food.

The first thing that you need is a quality microwave safe bowl. This bowl for rice is going to need to be tall. When the rice cooks, you will need the bowl to be high because it will boil up and spill out if you do not have higher walls on that bowl.

Follow the water directions on your rice package exactly. Too little water and too much water causes problems. Literally measure out the rice and water to be exact as possible.

The big secret to cooking rice in a microwave is to let it sit inside the bowl with the water for about 20 minutes. This gets the rice softer and ready to be cooking in a microwave. Do not skip this step as it makes a huge difference.

Check on your rice every few minutes and stir it a bit. You need to find the exact point where the rice is cooked but not mushy or to the point of being dry and burnt. Every microwave is different so this is going to vary from one to another in terms of minutes.

Let the rice stay in the microwave a few minutes ones the microwave shuts off. This completes the cooking process.

Afterwards you have two option. You can drain it and eat it as is. The other thing you can do is run it under cold water. This makes the rice less sticky. Add in what you want to eat with the rice and heat it up again.

Source by Herb Leibacher

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