The Perfect Slice of Biltong

Many butchers strive to make the best biltong so that customers can return for more and possibly return with their friends and family. Biltong is a delicious snack that is enjoyed by the guys over a braai or while watching a rugby or soccer game. A good butcher knows that if their biltong is good, it will ensure future business.

After following a specific recipe and process to cure the biltong, it needs to be sliced and ready to serve. Back in the day people didn’t mind cutting their own biltong, but these days many people find it to be cumbersome. As a result, butchers need to have biltong equipment that can quickly and accurately slice this delectable cured meat. Here are a few biltong slicers to consider.

Butcherquip Electric Biltong Slicer (Chunks). This unit is designed to create thicker and chunkier slices of biltong with minimal fuss. The blade clearance setting is bigger than the standard slicer units to allow for a thicker slice. For those customers that enjoy a chunky piece, this is the ideal option.

Butcherquip Biltong Slicer. This die cast aluminium unit is operated electrically too. It is manufactured with a cutting disc that is dynamically balanced with the blade for vibration free operation. The internal rotating cutting disc rapidly slices the biltong evenly. If you have many customers visiting your butchery on a daily basis, then this unit is a good option if you want to ensure consistency in the speedy slicing of biltong.

Hand Operated Biltong Slicer (Chunks). This manually operated unit cuts the biltong into chunky pieces via the rotating blade. You feed the biltong into the side slot and rotate the handle to cut the chunks. Butcheries that have an irregular demand from customers for chunky pieces will benefit with this unit.

Aluminium Hand Operated Biltong Slicer. This unit is designed with a rotating blade that is linked to a handle that is operated by hand. You manually feed the biltong and slice it evenly and at a moderate pace. This is ideal for butchers that get individual requests from a few customers.

These are all good options when it comes to biltong equipment. They slice the biltong into chunks or thinner slices evenly and consistently every time. Therefore it is a good way for butcheries to remain relevant and keep customers interested in their products. After all, every butcher wants to serve the perfect slice of biltong.

Source by Stana Peete

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