The Joy of Flavored Butters

We are a family that bakes the majority of our own bread ranging from the usual sandwich style to the more elaborate flavored breads. I find nothing better then to sit down and munch away on some fresh garlic or herbal flavored bread however generally it is made in quantities of two loafs. The problem with this stems from the fact that if another member of the family does not particularly like that flavor there is usually wasted bread. To remedy that problem we often use flavored butters and spread it on regular pieces of our homemade bread.

These butters can easily perk up the most common breads in the household. The joy of the flavored butters is that they can be created with any of your favorite foods from herbs to strawberries. These butters are no longer considered a special treat offered only on specific occasions or at the more classy eateries where the cost is unusually high but can now be included in your home menu preparations. You do not need to visit an expensive restaurant in order to enjoy the taste of these butters as they are easily prepared in the comfort of your home and will pleasantly surprise you and your family with a huge variety of flavors that can be released to your taste buds.

Now you can enjoy some chocolate butter on your homemade muffins or perhaps a bit of horseradish flavored butter to compliment your roast beef sandwiches. Special butters such as Chipotle flavored are an excellent addition atop your evening cornbread. Your homemade flavored butters can include a vast array of fruits, herbs, nuts, and spices of your particular choosing. The basic recipe used in the creation of your flavored butter is usually the same. The only difference exists in the flavorings which you add to it.

Start with some unsalted, softened butter which has been left out to bring it to room temperature. Blend your favorite flavor ingredients into the softened butter with an electric mixer at a medium speed. Continue blending until the mixture is completely combined which should take approximately two minutes.

When making your butter use only fresh herbs and fruits. After blending your butter mixture well, let it sit for an hour in a cool location so that the wondrous flavors used can combine completely with the butter. After about an hour you can refrigerate your flavored butter to obtain a measure of hardness.

If you are like me you always try to keep your homemade products fancy so you could roll your butter into logs using wax paper or even shape the butter into small balls for presentation to your guests. There is nothing wrong with making your butter several days ahead of its intended use or even freezing it for several weeks if need be. To freeze your flavored butter wrap it tightly in plastic wrap or you could place it in a freezer bag. Remember, it must be sealed completely as butter will absorb any other odors of foods that may be around it. In order to get you started I have enclosed my grandson's favorite flavored spread – Cinnamon Butter. Cinnamon butter is considered to be one of the sweet types of butter. They are especially delicious on various breakfast foods such as bagels, toast, muffins, pancakes and waffles. You can also use it as an evening snack on crackers as you watch your favorite TV show.


1/2 cup of unsalted butter
1 cup of honey
1 tablespoon of cinnamon – you may wish to increase this ingredient according to taste

The above recipe will make approximately 1 and ½ cups of delicious flavored cinnamon butter. Now you can try your own additives and see how it works out.

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