The 2 Shocking Foods That Will Make You Fat

There are 2 "evil" foods that I'm going to reveal in this article may actually surprise you as the majority of people mistakenly believe that these 2 foods are actually "healthy". I was shocked when I found out more about these foods.

The first "evil" type of fattening foods that will shock many people which is thought to be "healthy" is – good old fruit juice.

Do not misunderstand me as I'm not the anti-carb promoter. I truly believe most fruits are extremely healthy for us. However, the problem lies in the case where juices are separated from the rest of the fruit and being consumed alone while we throw away the fiber and other nutritional parts of the fruit.

When only the juice from fruits is consumed, you will not be getting the hunger fulfilling effect of the fiber from the fruit, and you're left wanting more carbs (especially apple and orange juice as they are 2 of the nastiest culprits in the western food source). In addition, the fiber from the whole fruit assists in slowing down the blood sugar reaction when eating the whole fruit instead of just consuming the juice alone.

In conclusion, over ingestion of fruit juices will make you fat. On the contrary, eating the whole fruit allows you to ingest all of the fiber that will help you maintain a balanced diet with a fairly high nutritional value as long as the remainder of your eating habit contains whole natural foods.

The 2nd type of food group that is often mistakenly believed to be healthy is wheat foodstuffs … such as most breads, crackers, bagels, cereals, pasta, muffins, and so on. True enough, I am also talking about "whole wheat" foodstuff.

Firstly, majority of the population has some level of gluten intolerance coming from wheat and some other grains. People with celiac condition are the most sensitive to gluten, but what most people do not recognize is the fact that the human digestive system has never been able to adapt to large amounts of wheat in the diet. In short, we were never meant to eat large amount of wheat.

From my own experience and experimentation, when I took wheat away from my diet for 2-3 weeks, I start to consistently lose weight and my body felt better; this almost constantly makes a big difference. Most of the time, not only our body start to lose body fat faster, but also finally got rid of the indigestion and flatulence problem that has plagued me for many years.

Source by Weng Wong

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