Strawberry Banana Smoothies Your Kids Will Love

Guess what the most popular smoothie is. If you were to ask a bunch of different people what their favorite was, what do you think would come up high on the list? Most likely, it would be strawberry banana smoothies.

Something this popular has to taste great! So it's a good time to follow the trend and add your own unique spin to the concoction.

What is it about strawberry and banana that makes the combo so popular? Banana is a creamy and mellow-sweet fruit, for one thing.

Strawberries are of course very sweet, but they are also quite tart and rich with passion. They go perfectly with the sweet and mellower bananas.

Strawberry banana smoothies usually include a mixture of the fruits along with ice and milk. That's a delicious recipe as it is, but you can still find ways to make it even better.

The real beauty behind smoothie recipes is that you can use almost any combination of fruits you can think of, blend them together, and come out with something that tastes fantastic.

Here's a quick tip: Try tossing in some blueberries when you're mixing up strawberry banana smoothies. This will add a subtle layer of flavor to die for.

This is an excellent option for smoothies if you're having trouble getting all the antioxidants you need every day.

Oh, and chocolate tastes wonderful in smoothies that contain strawberries and bananas. Ever tasted bananas or strawberries dipped in chocolate?

If you've experienced this, you know how delicious this combo is. So, try mixing in some chocolate ice cream or yogurt with your smoothie.

But if this is going to be part of a smoothie diet, you'll want to make it as healthy as possible. As odd as this sounds, you should try adding chard or kale to your smoothie, since this will give you an even better dose of vitamins.

So what you get is a wonderful drink that tastes of strawberries and bananas, but you'll still get your healthy greens.

Just have fun with it, okay around, and see what you get. It will not be long before you're coming up with your own concoctions of strawberry and banana. If you make this a regular part of your diet, your doctor will be amazed by your health.

Finding good smoothie recipes is the best way to get started. Use them as a jumping point to learn all about what you can do with delicious, healthy smoothies.

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