Strapless Maternity Swimwear For Spring

Swim season is just around the corner, making it the right time to start shopping for that perfect maternity swimsuit. There is a plethora of maternity swimwear to choose from, with options for every style and body type, but one hot look this season is a great strapless maternity tankini. Stylish and sexy, it is definitely time to add one to one’s wardrobe!

Strapless maternity swimwear is a favorite among many expectant mothers, and it works best for smaller busted women. Larger busted women generally want to find a swimsuit with more support, but for those that are a bit smaller, a strapless one works great. There is elastic at the top to keep it nicely fitted and ensure it does not slip. Strapless maternity swimsuits also come with a thin detachable strap, and this is an excellent option if one wants a bit more support. The thin strap provides support while still maintaining the sexy strapless feel.

A great attribute of strapless maternity swimwear is that it ensures one will not have any tan lines! Although one wears lots of sunscreen, tan lines are inevitable with most swimwear. The strapless style ensures that there are no lines, which can be an issue if one has a special event coming up. Whether one is laying by the pool or splashing in the ocean, prevent tan lines with lots of sunscreen and a great strapless swimsuit.

Strapless swimwear is also a great choice for women who do not want to show too much cleavage. Oftentimes halter or bikini styles are very exposing. With a strapless design, the top is cut directly across the bust, covering one’s cleavage while still providing a hint of sexiness with one’s exposed shoulders. We love the subtle sexiness that this design provides!

Longer tops are often on expecting mothers’ wish lists when looking for that perfect maternity swimsuit, and the strapless swimsuit design provides this. Since the shoulders are more exposed with this design, a longer cut balances the top well, creating a visually pleasing look. The longer top provides more coverage over one’s hips and thighs, which many women feel more comfortable in. By combining the strapless design with a longer cut, a perfectly balanced look is created. One designer that does this beautifully is Prego, with their Strapless Mini Maternity Swimwear. This well-done swimsuit comes in a variety of patterns, from a retro inspired black and white floral design to a tropical turquoise and chocolate flower print. The floral print top is cut straight across the bust, framing one’s face beautifully. It has a seam underneath the bust which creates a very flattering empire waist design. This design emphasizes the smallest part of one’s body and is very slimming. The top is cut longer than most, providing fully belly and bottom coverage. A solid colored bikini bottom matches the top and fits comfortably underneath one’s bust. It also comes with a thin, detachable strap so that extra support can be provided if so desired. Hip, flattering, and sexy, this maternity swimsuit is a fabulous option for expectant mothers!

If one wants a flattering, stylish, and subtly sexy maternity swimwear option, a strapless swimsuit is a must. There are several options to choose from, and one favorite is the Maternity V-kini, also from Prego. This is a fabulous choice because it can be worn both as a halter tied top or strapless. Tie the halter sashes in a bow at the bust to create a fashionable sweetheart neckline, and ensure no tan lines! When one wants a different look, tie the sashes easily behind one’s neck! We love their new “Seafoam” style, with a pretty pale blue, white, and chocolate swirly pattern, as well as their classic and timeless black option. For a fun and flirty look, a strapless maternity swimsuit is a great choice!

Source by Amy Jarman

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