Simple Home Remedies For Back Pain Relief

Severe pain causes muscles to go into spasm, which in turn increases your pain. Therefore, relief from back pain not only makes you more comfortable, it is part of the therapy for back trouble. However, even if your back pain is temporarily relieved, do not be attempted to return to your normal activities until your back is free of pain and feels strong.

There are a few remedies for back pain relief that you can use in the home, without consulting a doctor. One common way is to try household painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin, codeine or paracetamol. If you take it regularly, it will not only relieve your backache but will also reduce any inflammation. The latter effect is most important in those conditions that involve some inflammation like facet joint irritation. In addition, aspirin may also counter the irritant effect of a protruding disc and can reduce the inflammation caused by local internal bleeding in cases where the muscles or ligaments have been damaged. It is important to realize that these pills are best taken regularly rather than sporadically, since the pain control is much greater when blood levels are maintained.

Apart from using painkillers, ice can be used as another form of back pain relief. For instance, crushed ice cubes wrapped in a towel can be initially applied to the injured area to reduce the inflammation. Ice will make the blood vessels in that area constrict, which reduces blood flow and reduces initial swelling. However, after 48 hours or more, you should begin to use heat to increase the flow of blood to the affected area, which will increase healing.

Massage is also an effective form of back pain relief, which is used to relax the muscles as well as to relieve pain. You may wish to engage the help of your family member, but he does not have to be a trained massager to give a smoothing massage. He simply needs to have sensitive hands and to be willing and relatively free of tension. It is also important that the person, who is being massaged, is lying in a comfortable position.

In addition, there are also various electrically powered vibro-massage units that will help to relieve you back pain. These hand-held massage units are very user-friendly and simple to handle. Place the pad or end on the most painful part of your back and hold it there for a few minutes. Then move to another areas of your back. Most vibrators have a variable frequency control and an intensity or amplitude control, which you can tune to a combination that gives you most relief and comfort. Vibrators encourage muscles to relax in much the same way as massage and stimulate the nerve fibres in the skin, thus relieving your back pain.

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