Pink Phones – For Grown Up Barbies

Of late, pink phones have became a rage among women across all age groups. Mobile phone for women has always been a tricky job for designers. Mobile phones aimed at the fairer sex are ought to be more feminine looking rather than those square and shinny gizmos that a man would prefer. Therefore, it get unrealistic at times to design something as unisex as a mobile phone separately for man and woman. Too many products on their portfolio might lead to clutter and poor recall value of each mobile phone.

For such cases, changing a mobile phone's colour solution to a more female centric colour like pink or even red serves the purpose and helps the marketers to project a certain model as a female oriented device. Many examples of these type of re-positioning could be seen in the current day mobile phone market. That ways, Samsung is the front runner in offering pink phones for existing models. The LG Chocolate had gained much popularity among both men and women due to its dark and mysterious outlook and tasteful design. Later on, the handset was also offered in pink.

It is a clear step toward including more and more customer female customers by giving them a choice to have their mobile phone in their favourite colour – pink. Such is the rage of pink phones that even high end Symbian smart phone like the Nokia N95 too is now available in pink. Other such popular handsets that had some different colour solution during its launch before being offered in pink are Motorola SLVR L7, Samsung E530, Sony Ericsson Z530i, Motorola RAZR V3, Nokia 6131 and many more. Many a times, fashion phones are offered in pink right from their flagship offering. Nokia's fashion centric mobile phone family – the L'Amour collection has several handset in its portfolio that are available in pink right from the day it was launched. For example, the Nokia 7373 – a L'Amour member is available in powder pink and bronze black when launched.

Source by Raina Kelsey

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