Philips HR1854 Juicer Review

There are so many different state-of-the-art juicers on the market it can seem like a real challenge to find one with the features and ability to squeeze juice out of fresh fruits and vegetables you're looking to purchase. The Philips HR1854 is a relatively new juicer on the block as compared to some high-end machines being sold on the Internet and in local stores. Below we give you the low down on this modern juicer in order for you to determine if you want to take one home for the family to enjoy.

The Design Could Be Better

We brought the Philips HR1854 into our test kitchen with high hopes for this modern juicer, but found things were not as we expected to see with all aspects of its design and construction. In fact, we found it has too many corners and spots for fruits and vegetables to get stuck while squeezing out the juice. We also found that it did not always clean up the first time and required constant checking during cleaning to make sure we did not leave behind any residue, which could contain bacteria if left on too long. We suggest you need to use a brush or something to clean out the areas where things get stuck. We also suggest you only put in a small quantity of fruit or vegetables at a time, if you want this machine to work as advertised.

Needs a Bigger Storage Container for Juices and Pulp

The smaller containers for juice and pulp included with the Philips HR1854 definitely required we take them out and empty them more often during squeezing than other high-end juicers we have taken a look at recently. This will mean you'll have to spend more time each day using the juicer, if you need to get a large quantity of fruit and vegetable juices for the family to drink. We also found the pulp was often wetter than the pulp produced by many of the high-end juicers we have reviewed.

Larger Motor, but Quiet

The motor included with the Philips HR1854 is certainly powerful enough to squeeze juice out of fresh fruits and vegetables. We do feel, however, people using this juicer need to make sure to cut, peel and slice the produce they put into this machine. If you do not do this you'll likely find your new juicer only lives a few years, before needing to be replaced.

The motor was as quiet as any juicer we have ever reviewed during operation, so this machine is quiet enough to be used at anytime of the day or night.

Dishwasher Friendly

Taking apart the six different pieces this modern juicer is composed of was easy enough, but sticking them in the dishwasher required care. We found they could fit in a medium size dishwasher, comfortably, but you might have trouble cleaning all the parts at once in a small dishwasher. We also found you might need to wash the parts twice in order to make sure you get all the fruit and vegetable residue that can be left behind after the first cleaning.

Not a Light Weight Model

The Philips HR1854 is a very heavy juicer compared to many of the high-end juicers we have experienced during the past few years of testing. We also found it to be bulky and hard to move from place to place. For this reason we think it probably is not going to be good as a gift for your grandmother or mother. We suggest you look around for a lighter and less bulky juicer for this job.

The Last Word

The Philips HR1854 is hardly the best juicer we have ever reviewed, but it will produce fresh juice that tastes great on a consistent basis. You can find juicers that will do the job better. If you need a pretty good machine to squeeze juice for your family to enjoy? This modern squeezing machine is more than powerful enough to provide what you need on a consistent basis. Take a look online or in a local store for this juicer and compare it to others around. We think you'll find it's as good as the majority of juicers you look at.

Source by Saffron Adiana Luci

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