Outdoor Gas Barbecue

On weekends, there is never more rewarding than getting your grill ready for outdoor barbecue party with your family and friends. After the hectic schedule with your work, an outdoor barbecue party will temporarily lift off your stress and pressure accumulated over the week.

When doing barbecue party, there is one most important thing you should prepare: barbecue grill. There are basically two types of barbecue grills you can utilize: charcoal barbecue grill or gas barbecue grill. From the name itself, the former uses charcoal to power and heat the grill while the latter uses gas. The latter is typically more expensive but it is more convenient to use than the former.

Using gas barbecue grill allows you control over its temperature for easy cooking of the meat. Also it does not produce much smoke although at first flames could flare up so you need to be very careful when handling the gas barbecue grill. Cleaning a gas grill is fairly easier as compared to the charcoal grill.

If you are still using the charcoal barbecue grill, then it is high time that you upgrade it. Gas grill may cost a little higher but its benefits will make it faster and easier for you to operate it. There are three main types of gas grills in the market and depending on your need and budget you can choose from the following three main types of barbecue gas grills:

o Entry-level barbecue gas grills – these are your most basic barbecue gas grills you can find in the market with prices that may range from US $ 150 – US $ 300. For this price range, you can conveniently barbecue the meat with its own heat-generating feature. Grills made of stainless steel are the best choice for this type.

o Mid-range barbecue gas grills – a little more expensive but they offer a number of features, which are not found on entry-level types. You can get a mid-range barbecue gas grill with a price range that starts from US $ 350 – US $ 1150.

o Deluxe barbecue grills – as expected, these cost higher than the other two types with price ranging from US $ 1500 to as high up as US $ 5000. The main feature of this type of barbecue gas grill is that it uses British Thermal Units (BTU), a feature that tells you the amount of gas your barbecue grill has able to burn.

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