Once Again The Blessing Being United With Israel

What is it that thrills my heart to see our President Trump meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? It goes beyond joy to see these two leaders meeting, showing great respect for each other. I am nearly brought to tears, to see and hear the dialogue between our two leaders. Why is that?

The hope of some peace in the world comes to the top of my mind. That Palestine will ever give up on the idea of annihilation of Israel is to me a fantasy. Palestine will be an eternal enemy, and we are not likely to see peace between those two nations in my lifetime nor the foreseeable future. It would take more than a miracle, perhaps an act of God! Of course that’s possible, and it would be beyond a miracle.

It seems like positive vibes, for lack of a better term, are in the air as the United States once again is on solid ground with Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu has always been a hero, and is no less so now. President Trump is no less so which will be even more evident as time moves forward for the United States.

Along with Canada, Australia, and Great Britain as allies, the strength of these five nations, plus alliances in the mid-East, is strong throughout the free world. How this may impact dealings with Russia, China, Iran and N. Korea will be of great interest. That those four countries would ever form any sort of close, warm, meaningful alliance is what will make the difference in the long run.

So from the beginning of his first month in office, our President has solidified relations with those nations it is best to maintain strong ties with, not just for the United States but for all concerned. Assisting and encouraging Great Britain to continue with their exit from the European Union, cementing relations with both Canada and Australia, and now Israel offers a very strong alliance worldwide. At least that’s how it looks.

Based on comments President Trump’s success so far may have to do more with areas that have nothing to do with Washington D.C., which may be like another nation unto itself when it comes to getting things done. Politics is never as friendly at it seems on the surface, and so far the feeling is the chill that exists in the northeast, has found a home in the Capitol.

But the chill felt between Israel and the U.S. for the last eight years is gone! Melted away in an instant, and it was obvious to all onlookers. A vocal commitment voiced on both sides to work towards goals that impact both nations, such as dealing a death blow to ISIS, deflating the nuclear threats from Iran, and restoring some elements of control and normalcy in Syria with the interest to reduce the influence from Russia.

The relation with Israel has always carried a very special meaning, since it was the U.S. who first recognized that country as an independent Sovereign Nation. It has not always been smooth sailing with the various administrations, but that with the Trump administration may prove to be exceptional and positive.


Source by Alan Jarrett

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