Numis Network Buyback Program Explained

What is Numis?

Numis is a gold and silver MLM based out of Tampa that is a very fast growing company. With the increase interest in gold and silver and this crazy economy, professionals have been flocking to alternative ways of making an income and Numis Network has benefited from this mad rush. Their products are gold and silver graded government issued coins.

What is the Numis Network Buyback Program?

An interesting question that some people ask when they first see Numis is, how do I sell the coins? Funny question if you think about it as you would never ask yourself that question if the MLM product was hair gel, juice or diet products. However, Numis has introduced the Numis Network buy-back program. What this does is anyone on the company autoship that, after 5 years from the date of purchase, are not happy with the value of their coins or simply want to get your product sold, the company will pay the rep 100% of what they paid for the coins at time of autoship.

What is so special about the Numis Network buyback program?

No network marketing company has ever offered 2% after having the product 5 years. One fear or risk factor of any MLM is getting stuck with a garage full of product. Although, not too many people I know are worried about having a garage full of gold and silver, now, even that is preventable.

This Numis Network buyback program is what they call in the industry, a game changer. Combining the power of making money in this gold and silver MLM with the power of a 100% buy-back program is a powerful combination for those looking to make extra money in this economy for very little to no risk.

Source by Ray Higdon

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