No More Excuses – Quitting Smoking Has Never Been Easier

You know all the reasons to quit smoking, so I'll only add one more that some are surprised to hear about as a result of stopping smoking. Smoking increases hair loss. That's right – in addition to wrinkles, you will lose your hair. Enough said. Either that worries you or it does not, so I'll say no more. Here's the reason: blood flow to the scalp is reduced by smoking and reduced blood flow means less nourishment to the roots of the hair. You are starving them.

The question is not should you quit smoking or not, the question is how and when. I'll answer both by saying, "NOW". There is great power in now. Once you say, "No more, I do not smoke any more" you are freed from long term planning, decisions, tapering off plans, and millions of excuses. You get several benefits – you get support and encouragement. You get to feel relief that the first part is over – the part where you have to decide to quit. Now that is DONE!

Congratulations, you are now an ex smoker. Yes, as soon as you stop you are an ex-smoker. With all the benefits – better lung power, cleaner smelling clothes and no need to run out at night and buy some smokes to be sure and have them in the morning.

Think it can not be done? Oh, but it can. I did it. I decided one morning I hated smoking, I hated being outside to smoke, and I hated the way people looked at me. And this was over fifteen years ago when many more people smoked – but I could not take the looks. People looked at me like I was less worthy than they.

Ok, no one is naive enough to think there is nothing more to it than that. Yes, I was now an ex-smoker, but I had to be one for more than an hour or a day! This had to take. I needed help with my Great Decision as I came to call it. I decided on hypnosis. This worked for me. I never smoked again – I never even wanted a smoke, not even when I smelled it or had a cup of coffee. The desire to smoke was gone. Completely and totally.

In addition to saying, "Hmm, I am not a smoker, but I have a headache." (Which did happen) I decided I wanted to help my Great Decision along and I did it by going to sleep! I ate a good meal, took a lot of vitamins, and a sleeping pill and went to sleep. I kept sleeping as much as I could to allow my body to detox without me feeling it.

Done. I might have been able to do it without hypnosis, but the words of the hypnotist made it into my brain and stuck there. My neural patterns had changed. I had no desire, none, to smoke because, "I am not a smoker."

Yes, I was a long term smoker. Yes, I had tried to quit before. This time, I just did it – I became an ex smoker in a heartbeat and cemented it in my subconscious and went to sleep. The amazing thing to me is that I felt like I had never been a smoker. I looked at a pack of cigarettes and had no reaction. It was like looking at a table lamp. They became, immediately, a neutral object.

I want you to consider becoming an ex smoker. Right NOW. I really want you to enjoy life without a cigarette.

Source by Ann Bradley

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