Make Homemade Soap – Scents

Make homemade soap and you automatically become something of a perfumer. Not really, but you'll be forced to try to make soap smell good. Everybody picks up soap and smells it. It's just one of those things …

Scent choices are without number. How does one know whee to start?

The recipes you may try to start with likely have a suggested fragrance or scent oil blend. Often the specified quantities of scent oil are too little. You faithfully add the specified amount of scent, wait the specified amount of time and then … sniff. Sniff again. Can not smell it … Not enough scent.

You know what you call a soap bar that you poured a whole bunch of expensive scent oil in but it still does not smell?

… That's unscented soap!

Use too little scent and you wasted it all.

So make note carefully of what you did with each batch of soap. Do not make the same mistake twice.

Here are the ballpark figures for scenting cold process soap …

Essential Oils Per Pound of Fat in Soap (Fragrance oils are less.)

.4 Ounces for spice oils and mint oils
.7 Ounces for all other essential oils

That's close. Exceptions abound. For example, few citrus oils will work in cold process soap. Tangerine works a little, but not orange for sure.

Everybody's smeller is different. One person hates the smell, but her friend loves it.

But then, most everybody likes vanilla and most like almond. Most like French Lavender. The ones who do not really do not. Patchouli's that way too, but more so. Those who hate it, really hate it …

Source by Al Bullington

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