Lose Your Love Handles – How to Lose Your Love Handles

Weight loss and dieting can not only make you healthy, it can also make you live longer. Most people believe that, just simply eating less and exercising will make them lose their extra weight, nothing could be further than the truth.

Most people do not realize that what inside their bodies, and mainly their stomachs is in fact holding that extra weight onto their bodies, and that all these diet gurus and doctors are only telling them half of the truth. Our bodies are full of bacteria, most of them we need to keep so that our system works on an even level. They are also thousands if not millions of tiny critters that live inside our stomachs that are harmful, and these are the ones that are stopping you from losing weight.

They are simple ways of ridding or bodies of these harmful bacteria, eating unhealthy is a great start, all that junk food and high fat and sugar content is seriously damaging your insides, but this is only a small step in turning your body in the right Direction. Organic grown food, and mass developed healthier food ranges are not making anyone any healthier, most of them are designed to make you feel better, but because most of them have only been around a short while, it's impossible to tell if they have any good Long lasting effect.

The only reason large companies develop these foods is to make money, they do not care if people are eating healthy, they only care about making large profits. Most people buy these products, because the read the packaging and it's tolling them it has 75% less fat, or half the salt of another best selling brand. The real truth is that, whats inside your body and especially your stomach is making you unhealthy, and without ridding are the bodies of these bad bacteria, eating all these healthy foods, is in no way having an effect on our health.

Source by Lee Barratt

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