How to Make Tasty Coffee Drinks

The world of coffee desserts, tasty coffee drinks and flavored coffee beverages offers many new opportunities for memorable tastes, aromas and experiences.

Coffee is very versatile. With a little imagination and willingness to try something new, it is easy to transform your favorite coffee into a tasty drink or a dessert. The trend for flavored coffees and tasty combinations is not new. For centuries, different types of plant roots, grains and beans have satisfied coffee drinkers' pursuit of new tastes and aromas.

What is different now is the proliferation of coffee varieties, flavors and recipes just about everywhere you go. There is no need to limit the tasty coffee beverage adventures to restaurants and parties. Drinking tasty coffee drinks, hot or cold, right in the comfort of your own home is a fun and rewarding activity.

What should you remember before turning regular coffee into a tasty drink? For starters, the basics about brewing great tasting coffee:

  • Use good quality, Specialty coffee.
  • Freshly roasted and freshly ground.
  • Use fresh, clean, cold water.
  • Use filtered or bottled water but do avoid softened or distilled water.
  • Make sure you choose the right grind for your beans.
  • The coffee pot needs to be clean.
  • Use the right quantity of coffee and water.
  • For sure, do not boil brewed coffee.

Ready to try some ideas for tasty coffee drinks?

After brewing your coffee, consider adding to your cup spices such as pumpkin pie spice, ginger, nutmeg, cocoa or cinnamon to taste. For an extra special taste, add whipped cream, your favorite food flavoring, dark or white chocolate, caramel or milk.

Interested in a chilled tasty beverage? Add vanilla ice cream to your coffee to create your own "ice cream coffee." For a festive look, place some nuts, whipped cream and flavored cinnamon sticks. Delicious Delicious!

How else can you spice up and make coffee really tasty?

Cocoa Choco Espresso: use white chocolate, cocoa and skim milk with your cup of Espresso. If preferred, add froth on top and a hint of nutmeg.

Caramel Cocoa Choco Espresso: combine caramel and espresso with a hint of whipped cream as flavored froth.

Vanilla Coffee Milkshake: combine a cup of Espresso with vanilla ice cream.

Homemade Iced Coffee: s imple to make . Use brewed coffee, add lots of ice, put it in the blender and crush it small. Very refreshing as a summer beverage.

Old Fashioned Irish Creamy Coffee: p repare fresh hot coffee and serve it in your favorite, thick and sturdy coffee mug or glass. Put about 2 to 3 spoonfuls of thick cream and nutmeg. Add the coffee, mix it and then add whipped cream to taste. Not too much to hide the coffee but enough to create a flavor contrast. Enjoy!

Christmas Coffee Eggnog: at Christmas time, when Eggnog is very popular, you can make your own homemade eggnog. This can be time consuming but well worth the effort. Or, for simplicity and practical reasons, buy quality gourmet eggnog.

Use about 8 ounces of eggnog, stir in 1 to 2 ounces of vanilla flavoring and 8 to 10 ounces of cold black, freshly brewed coffee. In a separate bowl, beat about 4 to 6 ounces of whipping cream until it is "just stiff." Fold it into the cooled eggnog, vanilla flavoring and coffee mixture. Chill it all for a few minutes. Just before serving, add a spoonful of whipped cream as froth on top with nutmeg sprinkled. Santa may like this instead of cookies and milk by the chimney …

Any other suggestions?

The list of ideas for tasty coffee drinks is endless. There are many excellent coffee recipe books available and many other resources to consult. However, the most important thing to remember is that the secret to success in preparing "tasty" coffee drinks is always using quality, Specialty Coffee beans!

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Source by Timothy S. Collins

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