How to Get That Big Pimple Quickly Out of Your Pretty Face?

You may have everything in perfect order when you are getting ready for that big date tonight. But a big dampener, that many girls commonly face, could be a big, nasty pimple on your pretty face. Freaking out will not solve the problem.

Neither will trying to burst it or squeeze it mercilessly. There is a better way to get that big pimple quickly out of your face.

Firstly, make sure that you have a lot of water, since it is the best way to flush out all the toxins from your skin. Water is the best body cleanser that there ever was.

Many would rush out to get the latest medications over the counter of the nearby medical store, but it is advised that you carefully choose the ointment, since your skin may not react in the same way like how it worked on your best friend, or that cute model in the advertisement. Go for something milder and subtler, rather than something harsh and strong.

One of the age old traditions to cure big pimples fast is to use the medicinal tea tree oil, that help you get rid of that pimple quickly. A dash of lemon juice and a little toothpaste would also help you to make that pimple disappear.

If you really want to pull out the puss, then first moisten the pimple with a hot, damp cloth and then gently fizz out that big pimple using medicated cotton. The best way to get rid of a big pimple quickly is to cool down the inflamed are with an ice pack even before it has gotten that big.

Source by Nancy Simmons

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