How to Get a Bigger Penis With Simple Exercises

I am sure you must have heard about various methods of penile enhancement. There are millions of websites claiming to help you gain penile size through various products and methods and one among them is exercises. It is true that there are some simple exercises that can make your penis bigger, not just in length but also in girth. As a matter of fact you can get much more if you combine exercises and natural high quality pills together.

How to Get a Bigger Penis through Simple Exercises and Pills

Such a combination of two most natural methods help you:

  • gain penile length and girth up to 3 inches. There is limit to the maximum size you can gain. Though there might be few cases where men have been able to add more than 3 inches but expecting that kind of a gain is unrealistic. Moreover, anything that promises you something like a 4 inch gain is having better of you.
  • correct penile curvature through exercises called Jelqs
  • improve your control over your ejaculations so that you can last as longer as you wish and enjoy intense sex.
  • achieve rock hard erections with throbbing blood flow to the genitals. This is where pills play the most important role. They increase blood flow to the penile region and ensure that all the spaces in the erectile tissue get filled with blood leading to fuller, longer and thicker erections.
  • increase your sexual stamina and libido

Jelqs have been around for centuries. It is widely believed that men in Ancient Arab were the one to start them to gain extra inches and improve their staying power so as to please their wives. However, in the modern era, these exercises have been clinically approved to work and provide real and permanent size gains. The principle on which Jelqs work is that of Tissue Expansion. Performing Jelqs regularly leads to the growth of erectile tissue through cell division and multiplication and it gets enlarged to hold more blood. More blood signifies longer and thicker erections. Though the process is effective, tissue growth takes time and as such you need to be patient and persistent in your efforts.

Though Jelqs are effective, it doesn’t mean you can join any program. This is where you need to take an informed and educated decision.

A good jelq routine

  • is highly illustrative and helps you perform jelqs with videos and photos so that you do not go wrong and rick any sort of an injury
  • makes you aware of the precautions and safeguards you must observe while performing jelqs. For instance, you need to do jelqs when you are partially erect and if you achieve a complete erection which of course is natural, you need to stop, let the erection subside a little and then continue. There are many more precautions you need to be aware of which only a good program can help you now.
  • offers good support mechanism so that you can talk to someone, if you face some kind of a problem.
  • also includes an exclusive member’s forum wherein men like you share useful tips and tricks through their experience
  • comes with a complete medical endorsement and a money back guarantee.

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