Green Smoothie FAQs – Discover The Healthy World Of Raw Food Green Smoothies

Green smoothies can very well be considered nature's fast food …

They are really quick to make, are very nutritious, and are easily assimilated by the body. In essence, the pre-digested, raw state of the greens allow the nutrients to be easily absorbed by the body.

Let's get into some common green smoothie questions …

How to make a healthy green smoothie

How to make them 'healthy'? Simple, use healthy organic ingredients and the resultant smoothie can not help but be healthy.

A common recommendation is to keep the smoothies simple and not go overboard with too many ingredients. Your body will be better equipped to digest and assimilate the food when less ingredients are present.

Kale is considered the most nutrient dense green. For the fruit, any kind of berry is good. They are low glycemic and loaded with anti-oxidants.

Can I use blueberries for green smoothies?

Of course! I feel berries are the best choice when selecting fruits for your green smoothies. As mentioned in the answer to the previous question, berries are low glycemic so they do not affect the blood sugar as much which is important to some individuals.

Best equipment for making green smoothies?

All you really need is a blender. Blenders with pre-programmed smoothie blenders are usually best but even a cheap blender on high speed can do the trick.

As for cups for your smoothies .. I use 1 liter and 500 ml wide-mouth mason jars. They are easy to clean and BPA free because they are glass, plus they hold a lot.

Is it a good idea to use two or more green leafy veg in a smoothie?

Sure, why not. I never use more than 2 because I try to keep the number of ingredients down but it does not hurt. Mixing kale and spinach with perhaps some hemp (and of course water and fruit) makes a great post-workout smoothie.

Do I need to add water to my green smoothie?

You probably do not have to add water but I always do. Some liquid is necessary to allow the smoothie to blend properly in the blender. You can use 100% orange juice or another type of juice. Adding the liquid first usually helps the blending process and prevents the solid food from becoming stuck in the blades.

How often should I have a green smoothie ?

Well .. have green smoothies as often as you like. They can be consumed for any meal of the day. It is suggested by some authors that smoothies, when choosing the right ingredients, may be all your body needs to survive and thrive.

Smoothies are said to digest with 20 minutes so there should be very little concern for food overlapping and food combining.

How soon should a fruit smoothie be consumed ?

Whether a fruit smoothie or green smoothie, it is best when consumed immediately, but when stored in a proper container with a tight fitting lid (like a mason jar) in the fridge, it can keep for 24 hours or more.

Does your body digest smoothies more easily than eating solid fruit?

Yes, smoothies are essentially pre-digested when blended until smooth. This allows the body to digest and assimilate the foods better and provide less nutritional stress on the body.

Do green smoothies destroy raw food enzymes?

If a smoothie is blended to the point where heat is introduced it may destroy enzymes and nutrients in the greens and fruit, and may result in oxidation.

This is of very little concern. Some cheaper blenders may introduce heat early in the blending process, but the mid to upper end blenders generally keep the smoothies cooler.

Your smoothies can probably be blended until smooth within 30 to 60 seconds which should be a safe time frame. If still not blended, wait for the machine to cool than try again.

Source by Michelle Bosmier

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