Great Free Homemade Herbal Lotion for Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises

A great way to save a little money and to feel really great about doing something all on your own is the self-lube creation project. A great homemade herbal all-natural lotion for PE can be made and it will be your own creation and slippery-goodness! There are two herbs that many plant-people point to for their benefits to the enlargement of the penis and we wanted to share the wealth so to speak with you today in this posting.

You Can Do It!

After doing some really cool and interesting research into herbs that could be added to any homemade PE lubricant to enhance the enlarging effects of your routines, we came across Comfrey and Calendula. These two herbs have healing properties that actually encourage cellular repair and regeneration, and are not just topical moisturizers and/or lubricants like most skin care products. How sweet is that?

Natural and Slippery

To get right to the essence of this posting we have laid-out the recipe so that you can make your very own lubricant in the sanctuary of your home. We understand that privacy is an important issue to many men and this is why we will make this relatively quick so you can get back to exercising and growing!

Recipe for Exceptional Homemade Lubricant

1. 1 oz. (29ml) Vial of Pure Vitamin E Oil with at least 14,000 IU Potency per Bottle

2. 4 Ounce Tube of K-Y Jelly

3. 1 Ounce Vial of Comfrey Root Extract

4. 1 Ounce of Calendula Extract

5. Too Thick? Add a Wee Little Bit of water

After you have obtained all of the above listed ingredients it is time to mix things up and get ready for some really great PE action! The best bottle to place the homemade lubricant into is an old really-well washed out color bottle that is used for box-hair-dyes. You know the ones that they sell at the grocery stores or if you are close to one of those Dollar Stores just pop into one of those and grab yourself a clean, never been used bottle as long as it has a cap on it.

A Little Dab will Do Ya

While this is some pretty potent lubricant that you have just created with your own hands it will be up to you as to how much will be required for adequate slipperiness and wholesome goodness. Good luck and keep UP the great work!

Source by G. Crandall

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