Fine Restaurants to Go to On Your Newquay Holiday

Whether you like English, French, Italian or Indian dishes, you can sample all of these while on your Newquay holidays. There are fine restaurants here that you can visit to if you are staying at one of the Cornwall holiday cottages. Bring your family or friends around the area to taste the different excellent cuisines available. They are not very far from the Cornwall holiday cottages which are luxurious, self-catering cottages. You can also go to the beach and other popular attractions while on your Newquay holidays.

Viners Bar & Restaurant

If you have accommodations at the Cornwall holiday cottages, you will have to visit the Viners Bar and Restaurant. It is set in a tranquil 17th century farmhouse in Cornwall, perfect for a special family dinner. Call the restaurant in advance to make reservations because it is a popular place for holiday makers. It is open Tuesday to Sunday so you can plan when you will go here while on your Newquay holidays. Only the finest ingredients and the best meat and seafood are used in the preparation of dishes so you can have the best dining experience. Some dishes you should try are char grilled beef fillet (served with glazed shallots, béarnaise sauce and thyme jus) or Pacific oysters (served with shallot, lemon wedges and vinaigrette).


Visit Maharajah if you are looking forward to tasting authentic Indian dishes while on your Newquay holidays. If you are staying at one of the spacious Cornwall holiday cottages, this fine Indian restaurant is just around the corner. Using only the finest spices and freshest meat to cook the delectable dishes, you will really enjoy your time here with your family or friends. Choose from its wide range of non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes that will surely satisfy your hunger. Call in advance to make a reservation or order a takeaway meal while on your Newquay holidays.

Fifteen Cornwall

Savoury Italian dishes can be found at Fifteen Cornwall which is very accessible from one of the luxurious Cornwall holiday cottages you are staying at. Bring your family and friends over for breakfast, lunch, or dinner while relaxing on the comfortable atmosphere of the place. Fifteen Cornwall is usually jam packed with people but you do not have to call to make a reservation. Lunch is served from 12 to 4:30 p.m. while dinner is from 6:15 p.m. to 12 midnight. It is open every day of the week so you can visit any time here while on your Newquay holidays. A three course meal costs for only ₤26 but you can still check out other fine dishes from the menu card. There are also vegetarian dishes for those who want to forgo the meat. This place offers great dining experience for holiday makers in Newquay.

Source by Mary Ruthrina Ofalla

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