Famous Restaurant Recipes – Save Money by Eating at Home

Famous restaurant recipes can be the cure to your aching wallet. We all love to go out to our favorite restaurants and indulge ourselves in our favorite meals, however at the end of the night this can be very costly. However, there are ways to enjoy your favorite meals from your favorite restaurants at a much cheaper cost than going out, and that is by cooking them yourself, you just need to know their recipes. Sure you can spend hours and days scouring the internet and the library for recipes that say they imitate your favorite restaurant meals, however are these recipes really tried and tested or will you be throwing out your delicately cooked meal at the end of the night?

The best way to save your time, your money, and your meals is to access a collection of tried and tested recipes that are perfect replicas of your favorite restaurant recipes. This method is not only a great way to make those meals that you long for every time you go out, but it is also a great way to try new recipes and for beginners to learn how to cook, as many of the recipes are much easier than one could have ever imagined.

The next step in saving money is to buy food in bulk, especially meat. This can be done through a wholesale store or from your local butcher. Just make your portion size appropriate to the recipes and store the remaining meats in your freezer for another meal. On average you will also be able to find spices and condiments in cheaper unit prices at whole sale stores. Just keep in mind that you may pay more up front, but you will save more in the long run.

Once you have your collection of famous restaurant recipes and your cooking stock you can begin testing out new recipes. One rule of thumb is not to start with your most favorite recipe, but choose a few simple ones that do not require many ingredients. The reason for this is that you will learn new recipes in a quick way and you can see for yourself how much the final product tastes just like the one you would get at a restaurant.

Once you have channeled your inner restaurant chef and have some of the basic and simple recipes mastered you can move onto the recipes for the meals that you love and sit back in enjoyment as the final product taste just like the one you would get at a its 'appropriate restaurant, and most importantly without the check.

Source by Christopher J. Bryant

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