Emergency Food – Growing and Canning Your Own

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is a perfect way to avoid future problems caused by the impending food crisis. As you begin to grow your own food, you will soon realize that you have more food on hand than you can consume while it is fresh. The best way to store that food for future use is by canning it.

Survival Gardening Success

Gardening requires more than digging a hole and putting a seed in the ground. Gardening is a complex, yet rewarding activity. In order to have a prolific garden that produces enough produce to preserve, you need to follow these steps:

1) Prepare your soil. Purchase compost to work into the garden soil. Soil preparation before planting can save hours of backbreaking and expensive work later.

2) Choose disease-resistant plant varieties. These plant varieties will be less expensive for you to grow because you will need to treat them with fewer insecticides.

3) Use natural fertilizer or seaweed based fertilizer to feed the plants in your garden. Natural fertilizer and seaweed based fertilizers contain beneficial nutrients that the plants take up and incorporate, making the food they produce more nutritious.

4) Harvest your food at the correct time for canning. Each food will have an optimum time of harvest for preserving it at its best. Research food types and their requirements before harvesting.

Follow the above steps, and you will produce a healthy, robust survival garden. From that garden, you can harvest hundreds of pounds of produce to help you and your family survive a rise in food prices.

Emergency Fruit and Vegetable Canning

Rising prices and food shortages have been factors in countries around the world for many years. These price increases are only just beginning to affect consumers in the United States. The food crisis problem might come as a shock to some, who are used to living entirely in prosperous times. The time to prepare, though, is now.

For those who have never canned before, the process is much simpler than you might think. It is also satisfying to open a can of applesauce you made yourself, or green beans in January. When you can your own food, you have more control over its flavor when you open it up to eat!

To can foods in the safest, most nutritious way, look to canning references and videos. Your canning could mean the difference between a hungry family and a safe, healthy family during a time of food shortages.

Source by Christopher A. Williams

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