Effects of Coffee on Your Health

There are different opinions about the effects of coffee on the health. Some people say it is hazardous for health while others consider it beneficial. Some of the ways in which coffee intake effects our healths are discussed below.

1) Regular coffee drinkers feel more alert and perform better daily. According to some researches four to five cups of coffee keep the person alert and fresh as compared to the people who do not take coffee in the morning. It is believed by many researchers that it is important for giving you a good Morning-Kick.

2) It has been proved by researchers that caffeine is important in preventing cognitive decline in women. During a research it was found that women who were in habit of taking three cups daily performed better than the women who were taking one cup per day. It not only slows down the dementia process but also it good in preventing us from depression and Parkinson's disease because of its ability to inhibit adenosine receptors.

3) Caffeine also protects us from blepharospasm, a disease in which the eye starts blinking and one can not control its movement. It was found that this problem was cured with caffeine intake on daily basis.

4) Caffeine has laxative and diuretic effects. It speeds up the urination process but also is not good for the calcium in the body. Long term intake of caffeine results in osteoporosis.

5) It effects on sleep so it should not be taken before sleep.

6) It fights against uric acid and arthritis as well. Gout symptoms are effectively controlled by caffeine intake. Post -gym muscle pain is also controlled by caffeine intake. It is advised that one should take a cup an hour before going to the gym to reduce the post-gym pain. The pain one experiences during cycling is also controlled by its intake.

7) It makes men and women sexually excited.

Source by Sarah Nabila

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