Does Every Man Get Super Nervous Around a Girl He Likes? Learn Everything You Need to Know

Most of the time, men get nervous when they face their ultimate crush or the girl of their dreams! You would even wonder why the most confident and good looking guys seem to shrivel in front of a gorgeous woman!

Just like any other man, he’s afraid of rejection.

He could be nervous because he already felt the pang of rejection in the past and he doesn’t want to experience that bitter feeling all over again! This guy wants every move to be calculated now so that he won’t have to see you refuse him in the end.

He’s not too sure about his looks.

He could be anxious about his appearance. You may be a great looking girl so he’s nervous that he may not be handsome enough to be considered a match for you. This guy is too insecure that’s why you would see him fidget each time you’re near him.

He’s feeling your presence.

Your mere presence sends shivers up his spine – not in a horror movie kind of way but in a pleasant kind of way. He’s jumpy because your being there affects him. And this guy will want to impress you with his best qualities once he confirms that you’re near him.

He can’t admit his feelings yet.

He may be sure of his feelings for you but he’s not certain yet whether you would reciprocate his deep feelings. This is a great reason for him to panic and not approach you yet. Once this guy confirms that you feel the same way for him, then that’s the time that he would make his move.

He’s dying to make a lasting impression.

This guy is well aware that he’s got one shot at creating an impression that you would remember for the rest of your life. Now he wants to make that impression a truly lasting one. This is why he’s too nervous – this is his make or break move!

He’s suddenly vulnerable with you.

Other women may adore him and so he feels confident when he’s in front of them. But with the girl of his dreams, he feels powerless that’s why he feels and looks nervous each time that she’s in the same room.

His plans come crushing down.

This guy may have his whole life figured out ahead of him before you came. But now that you’re here, it seems that everything goes crumbling down on him. It’s natural for this guy to feel nervous because you are turning his whole world upside down!

Source by Krista Hiles

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