Do not Read This If You Like Your Acne

Do you like your acne?

Then do not read my 7 TOP TIPS to naturally get rid of acne.

1. Stop buying over-the-counter acne treatments, they simply do not work in the long term and just cost you a lot of money.

You are spending money unnecessarily as you can cure your acne the natural way by changing your lifestyle a little and follow some common sense tips.

Why do you think acne over-the-counter remedies do not work on a long term basis?

Think about it, if they worked straight away, you would not have to keep buying them and the big acne drug companies would go out of business! They make loads of cash out of you by promoting a product that seems to help your acne till you stop using it your acne comes back. So you have to buy more, so it goes on.

Would not you like to completely get rid of your acne? From my research I have found the best long term solution to an acne problem is a natural approach. Here are the rest of my 7 TOP TIPS to get rid of Acne naturally:

2. Make sure you drink plenty of fresh water, 5-7 glasses a day. This will help flush out the toxins and pollutants that can contribute to your skin problem.

3. Eat a healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to give your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs to stave off bacteria.

4. Take a Zinc supplement. Foods high in Zinc include yeast, peanuts, beans, and whole grain cereals, brown rice, whole wheat bread, potato and yogurt. Of all these vegetarian zinc foods, pumpkin seeds offer one of the most concentrated non-meat food sources of zinc.

5. Cleanse your face at least twice a day using a gentle medicated tea tree oil based soap. Pat your skin dry, do not rub as this will break the skin and could cause scarring later. Apply a small amount of tea tree oil all over your face and allow to soak in. Tea tree is a natural antiseptic and will help to kill off the bacteria. To aid in the healing process and help prevent scarring use some Aloe vera gel. You can buy a tube or a plant and use the natural 'sticky gel' that comes from inside the plant spikes. Just break one off to release the gel and apply gently to your face.

6. Eat plenty of nuts that are high in vitamin E (great for healing) like almonds, brazil nuts and cashews (rich in Zinc) NOT FOR NUT ALLERGY SUFFERERS

7. Avoid dairy products, chocolate, caffeine and sugar, this may not help everyone but it is shown to be beneficial in a lot of acne case studies. Keep well away from 'junk foods'

The bottom line is Stop wasting your time with over the counter remedies that only work in the short term. Is not it worth some small lifestyle changes to get rid of those awful acne spots that are causing you so much heartache? Change your life for the better now.

Try the natural way, I promise you will not regret it.

Source by Jubo Bolton

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