Defeat A Burning Feeling By Spiced Foods

Burning feeling that is produced in our mouth after consume some chillies sometimes is too over. It is caused by some thing inside, that's why your mouth is like "on fire" after that. Some time, it makes us can not stay for longer, If you are still amateur eating something spicy, you can neutralize that hot sensation as soon as possible. This is some advice that you can try to dump that fire in your mouth.

There are many ways to do that. eat a spoon sugar, drink some beer (because beer is trusted more expert to defeat chillies than only water), etc. The most effective among them is warm water, you can try to drink it if you feel pain to much in your mouth. A Lot of people drink a cold water after eat a fiery food, but the fact is cold water can make your tongue is burned more, while a "warm water" do the opposite. After drink it you may be feel very pain first, but you can trust it after you try to do that. Fire in your mouth has would be disappear.

But it is suggested, that you should keep the burning sensation in your mouth. You can feel that your mouth produce something salt whenever you are "burned". That is the enzyme that can make your anti body progress. It can be against an cancer cell an another disease I your body. So its your turn to keep it or make it disappear.

Source by Slamet Manjaya

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