Cod is More Than Just Fish and Chips

Pacific Alaska cod is a whitefish which makes its home in the icy cold waters off the coast of Alaska. They can also be found in the waters surrounding Japan in the North and in the coastal seas of Russia. These fish are very healthful due to their extremely low fat content and high protein content. Moreover, they are low in carbohydrates and contain a minimal amount of calories per serving-around 80 per 100 grams.

Cod can be prepared in a variety of ways. Given its versatility, cod is quite popular. In England, cod is used to prepare that classic dish, Fish n’ Chips. Cod fillets are battered in a flour mixture and then deep fried. This may not be the healthiest way to enjoy Pacific Alaska cod, but it sure is tasty. Below you’ll find some more cod recipes that are a little more modern.

For this medley of calamari and cod you will need fresh squid rings, smoked cod, cream, water, asparagus, lettuce, tomatoes, grated cheese such as Parmesan, a shallot sliced thinly, lemon, olive oil and salt and pepper.

The first step in preparing this dish is to warm up the milk, shallots and water in a saucepan. Bring the mixture to a boil and then add the cod. After about five minutes, remove from the stove and stir well while adding the cheese and black pepper. Simmer.  Clean and trim the asparagus. Boil water with salt and add the newly cleaned asparagus; boil for a minute or two and drain. Cut the tomatoes and shred the lettuce. Saute the calamari in olive oil and lemon juice. Now ensemble the dish by layering the asparagus atop the lettuce; on top of that place the cod and then the calamari. Add some of the cheese sauce and top off with salt and pepper.

This next Pacific Alaska cod recipes infuses the fish with the spices Provencal style cooking. Gather four cod fillets, an onion chopped, minced garlic, a can of tomatoes, capers, basils, olives, olive oil, lemon juice and oregano. Sautee the onion and garlic with olive oil over medium heat. Add the other ingredients, minus the cod. Simmer. Spoon the sauce over the cod fillets, which should be placed in a baking pan. Bake for ten to fifteen minutes. Serve with some leafy green salad and new potatoes.

Source by Allie Moxley

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