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Indulge yourself! Create an email marketing campaign that gets opened every time. Along with the many responsibilities of the average web-designer / come business person on the net comes the idea of ​​creating an effective marketing campaign. It's easy! So they say …

Just say no to SPAM

That's the first tip they give you. Do not build your email list from readers who do not want to read your material. Never, EVER, NEVER EVER send out SPAM.

Avoid SPAM sounding Titles

Keep your titles real and connected. It's relevant to your subject, so write them that way, and do not use those spam-my words. Take a risk and be real when you create your titles. Use content value oriented words and skip the clichés.

Build an Opt-in List

This is crucial to your success. Without an opt-in list, your emails will not be read, they'll be overlooked and avoided. Offer something to capture their name and email. It's okay to give stuff away. You'll get more than enough back in return.

Do not overload your Reader

Overloading your readers with massive send lists just does not work. It overloads their inbox and feels like spam. Resist the urge to send email every day.

Consider the Readers NEEDS

What does your reader want from you? Remember what you promised them? That's a good clue. Now, give them what they want. Are you ready to indulge yourself in Decadent Marketing Concepts that WORK?

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