Carpets Letting You Down?

I have heard the saying “don’t sweat the small stuff” far too many times. Coming home and opening my front door, I find something like a minor car accident. It is not life threatening. No one was even injured, but it is ugly and inconvenient. It is my hallway carpet. How could I have let this happen? What will I do now? What lack of attention or minor error in judgement has caused this catastrophe? Yes there are house cleaners for this, but for carpet cleaning London can be a Wild West sort of place: you never know who might shoot you down off your high horse and take all your money.

Perhaps I am being dramatic and shouldn’t “sweat the small stuff”. It is only my hallway carpets after all. And compared to a smashed up Citroen, they are easily remedied. But will I have to spend hours trawling around on Google to find some Polish man willing to drag a huge piece of machinery up my front walk to clean it up? Maybe. Will I get fleeced? Possibly. Will I continue sweating the small “stuff” that is my hallway carpet? Undoubtedly. Something must be done. It is such an eyesore.

Fast-forward several weeks and many headaches. So for carpet cleaning London is exactly the Wild West place I suspected, but I still have my horse and am the no-longer-sweating-stuff new Sherriff in town. Mixed metaphors I know, but that is what hiring a house cleaning company is all about. I trawled around Google for ages and was quoted prices (for only my entrance hall carpets mind) that varied from £8 to £97 (including VAT ma’am, said the American telephone operator). £8 sounded too good to be true, and it was, because after I had already booked the appointment they informed me of their £50 booking fee. It wasn’t a pleasant conversation after that, but no money changed hands.

In the end I did spend hours on Google in order to find a very nice Polish man to come to my house and clean my disgusting hall carpets for only £40. He was very courteous and only asked that I pay cash. No problem, happily done. As for sweating the small stuff, doctors say it is healthy to break a sweat once in a while and so that’s what I’ll do: continue to avoid minor car crashes and call in a professional house cleaner when the hall carpets start growing new hall carpets on top of themselves.

Source by Alfred Halfnight

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