Are You Starving Your Brain?

The need for healthy eating has been exercising the minds of many of us, especially with the worrying growth of both childhood and adult obesity and the risk to our health that this causes. Despite the daily headlines in the media about eating the wrong kinds of food, the right types of food can help our bodies immensely. People have become more aware that certain types of food can harm our health. Government nutritional programs have highlighted the harm food that is high in calories, fat, cholesterol and sugar can cause to our health.

Foods that have a positive effect on our bodies are now being promoted in supermarkets and health stores around the world. We have all become interested in the foods that give us some benefit, for example, helping our brain to stay healthy. Everyone would benefit from 'brain food' from children starting out at school to adults in the work place. In the following paragraphs I will share with you some specific foods that can help your brain stay healthy.

Blueberries can often be found in tasty pies, muffins, and desserts and are now recognized as one of the leading brain foods. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants that can help improve memory, and coordination. Blueberries also contain chemicals that can lower blood pressure and thus reduce the chances of a stroke occurring. Wild blueberries are suggested as the most potent types that provide these health benefits.

Salmon has always been a favorite for the rich, and it should be one of yours too. Salmon contains omega-3 the fatty acids that can help protect the brain. Studies have shown that high levels of omega-3 in the blood in turn increase the levels of serotonin that occur naturally in our bodies. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that basically helps one part of your brain communicates with another part thus enhancing the brains abilities towards memory, and learning. Serotonin also gives the brain a natural mood enhancer and so it helps us to feel happier in ourselves.

Everybody enjoys a cup of hot cocoa, otherwise known as hot chocolate, to relax them before going to bed and getting good nights sleep. Another reason to enjoy hot chocolate is because scientists have discovered that hot chocolate has 5 times the antioxidants as most drinks, such as tea. The reasons these antioxidants are so important are that they can help prevent Alzheimer's and other mind-altering diseases. One tip is to make sure you drink 100% pure cocoa rather than using concentrated store bought mixes that are made of less healthy ingredients and tend to be high in sugar.

The next time that you decide to dine out at your local restaurant, why not tell them that you would like a fruit salad with blueberries for an appetizer followed by salmon for dinner and a hot chocolate for dessert. You'll feel smart, and healthy for doing it so what are you waiting for?

Source by Paul Strachan

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