All About Jack’s Juicer

Jack’s juicer is one juicer brand that’s known by many names. It’s not that it has many names in actuality, the only real name for Jack’s juicer is Jack Lalanne Juicer which is after the name of its founder, popular body builder and health advocate, Jack Lalanne.

All throughout the years of being successful in the market, people calls Jack’s juicer by many different names like Jack Lalane, Jack La Lane, Jack Lalaine and many more. There’s really not much difference in how they sound but most are misspellings of the brand name.

Jack’s juicer is one of the most recognized name in the juicer industry competing with Omega, Breville, Juiceman, and Waring Pro.

As you may probably know, there are different types of juicers and one of them is what they call the centrifugal juicer which crushes the produce though centrifuge or centrifugal action. This types of juicers are most loved by users due to its fast juicing process, the only major concern about this juicing process or the juicer type for that matter is the possibility of the centrifugal action to produce heat which may eliminate the live enzymes and nutrients in fruits and vegetables.

Another flaws of a centrifugal juicer is it’s inability to make the most juice out of leafy vegetables and that’s were they couldn’t match up with masticating juicers.

So basically, what juicers like Jack’s juicers are good at is with juicing hard fruits and vegetables and they do it gracefully at full record speed.

Jack’s juicer was popularized by the infomercial that Jack (the owner) has so successfully utilized; it’s popular but based on experience and it couldn’t match-up with Breville in terms of durability, though it somehow can, performance-wise. Though it couldn’t match-up with Breville’s durability, it does carry a lifetime motor warranty! Well, only for the motor and some people claim that it’s kinda hard to get support (hope they can do something about this!)

All Jack’s juicer units are equipped with a 250 watt, 1/4 HP induction motor that can run up to 3,600 RPMs, a surgical quality stainless blade, a three inch wide round feed tube to easily fit whole fruits, an extra large pulp bin, built in safety features, and dishwasher safe parts.

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