Acne Cleaning – 7 Vegetables You Must Eat

Eating vegetables is a strong way to clean up your acne. And indeed why should you spend hundreds of dollars on products why you can do it on a natural way, of course you have to pay for the vegetables as well but they don’t cost more then a few dollars and I’m sure you eat already vegetables. Vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and in the next paragraphs I will describe seven vegetables that help you to clean up your acne plus their health benefits.

Carrots or carrot juice

Give carrot juice a try it’s very healthy and it’s not only good for acne but it can give you a good colour of your skin as well. A carrot contains a lot of vitamins such as a,b,c and k but also minerals and magnesium. You can eat them raw, stewed (excellent with mustard), in a pudding or as a salad.


A Cucumber is an effective way to prevent pimples. I’m sure you have saw this already in movies a woman with a cucumber mask on her face. Cucumbers contains vitamin a and c.

This may surprise you but they belong to the same family as watermelons. Personally I prefer to eat my cucumber cut in circles with pepper, salt, oil and vinegar.


Salad contains almost no calories and contains a high water volume. Salad contains a lot of vitamin A and but even more vitamin K and vitamin c. I like to serve my salads with a dressing of course you can try mayonnaise but also very nice is an Italian dressing or a French dressing.


Popeye eats spinach and he becomes strong in a few moment of course this is only a cartoon. But spinach is good to clean up acne it contains a lot of Vitamin K, A and Iron. Spinach is also a good resource to prevent you from cancer, hart disease and arthritis.


Peppers or paprika’s are one of my favourite are one of my favourite vegetables you have them in red, orange, yellow, green ,white and even purple. Did you know that you can find paprika’s in cosmetic aisle such as blush eye shadow. Red and yellow paprika’s contain much more vitamin c than green paprika’s. In fact green paprika’s are immature.


Broccoli is an interesting vegetable to add on the list. Have you read the article written by a CNN journalist in 200: “Broccoli beats most other veggies in health benefits”. Broccoli contains a lot of vitamin c and calcium it’s also a good resource to prevent cataracts.


Garlic is not really a vegetable you should eat if you want to kiss somebody. Garlic is an important ingredient when it comes to herbal medicines. There are even people who are putting a garlic juice on their pimples.

As you can see vegetables are very effective not only for a perfect skin or to clean up your acne but also for other things as well. There are a lot of people who don’t like vegetables but I hope you will try them out.

Source by Frederik Smith

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