A Big Penis Size? Get An Increase Of 3+ Inches With These Easy Penis Exercises (2 Proven Exercises)!

Do you want to get a bigger penis size with easy penis exercises? Chances are that you are a bit on the small side or just want a bigger penis size, either way, you can easily get a big increase of over 3 inches with these easy penis exercises.

# 1 Penis Exercise (The Stretcher) – Primarily for a longer penis – This is an easy exercise and the safe variation of the penis enlargement using a penis hanger or an extender! The goal here is to stretch the cells in the penis so that they adapt to the constant strain and are permanently longer. This gives you a bigger length and girth (to a smaller extent). You need a completely flaccid penis to perform this exercise. Take your thumb and forefinger, grip the base of the head of your penis and pull outwards gently but firmly. When you feel a good stretch, hold it there for 10 seconds and then release your grip. Do 50 reps of this to start of with and you will notice that your penis already looks longer-this is your first step to a bigger penis size!

# 2 Penis Exercise (The Jelq) – For a bigger penis size-Both length and girth- This is the manual variation of the enlargement techniques that use the penis pumps! However this is also a safer technique like the stretcher above because you control the intensity of this easy exercise with your own hands. The goal here is to force the spongy tissue in the penis known as the Corpora Cavernosa (the 2 large chambers in your penis responsible for its size when erect). The more blood these Corpora Cavernosa chambers can hold, the bigger your penis can get. To increase your penis size using the jelq, you have to warm-up properly, wrapping a warm towel around your penis for 3 minutes. The exercise is a milking motion performed with a semi-erect penis by alternating hands while stroking from the base of the penis to the head with your thumb and forefinger. Jelq for 5 minutes your first time to get used to the exercise, as you get more advanced you can increase the time spent jelqing. This is your second step to a bigger penis size.

# 3 Bonus Tip (PC Muscle Squeeze ) – This easy exercise is a perfect complement to your bigger penis size and will enable you last longer than ever before. After all, what good is a big penis, if you cum too quickly? To stop yourself from ejaculating quickly, you need to exercise your PC muscle with this easy exercise. Firstly, to locate this muscle, when you are urinating, suddenly stop and try and hold it in, the muscle that you squeeze to stop urinating, is the same muscle that you use to stops you from cumming quickly. The way to perform the PC Muscle squeeze is simply to contract the muscle as you would if you are trying to prevent ejaculation. Hold in the squeeze for 10 seconds and then release. Do this for 100 reps your first time and you should already notice a small difference in your control and should be able to stop yourself from cumming as quickly as before!

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