8 Healthy Tips On Diets and Losing Weight

I want to diet to reduce the extra flab around my waist!

Want to lose weight but do not know how? Is dieting the best way? Was it the fad diet or all protein diet that might be giving you doubts? If this is the case, then think again. Dieting, especially rapid weight loss dieting, may not be the best way to lose weight, often because of the wrong information that seems to be prevalent. In fact, dieting without proper food knowledge has in the past done people more harm than good. If you want to lose weight through dieting, then for goodness sake, do it in a healthy way!

What is a healthy diet?

A healthy diet does not involve all-vegetables or an all-fruits routine. Instead it is a combination of wholesome nutrients that your body requires and in moderation. Moreover, it is very closely linked with the individual that you are. This is because the eating habits of each person are unique and so are the reasons behind weight gain. Therefore, there are many things that you need to consider before drawing up your diet chart.

– Why am I gaining weight?

This should be the key reason for dieting. The first step you should take to decide on dieting is to find out the reasons why you are over-weight. Is it the extra coke you gulp down or the almost no-exercise routine that you follow? Whatever the reason, you must get a clue to the kind of eating habits or reason that you are overweight and be honest with yourself.

– Is dieting the only way?

This is a sensible question to ask before deciding on dieting. Mainly because weight gain may not necessarily be due to your eating habits alone. It could be that you have been eating perfectly healthy food but still gained weight. Often it's due to a lack of exercise that brings a bulge to your stomach. In these cases, simply, a bit of exercise will do the trick! So, decide whether you actually need to diet first.

– Dieting, dieting, dieting … this is the only way!

If you fall into the category where your eating habits are the culprit, then it should be apparent you have no other option left but to diet. However, do not fall into the trap of the fad diets that keep coming up so often. These specialised diets restrict too much of a particular kind of food which can be very dangerous. Cutting out all fats or carbohydrates can also be harmful. One of the best ways (and becoming more popular) to diet is to have a chart that would remind you of the nutrients that are essential to your body's well being. Ask your doctor or nutritionist to prepare a dieting chart for you that you can follow religiously and then you'll see results!

Some healthy dieting tips that will keep you slim and healthy!

I know you are all ears right now and I will not disappoint you. After so much lecturing about a healthy diet, you would definitely want to know what a healthy diet comprises beside food. So here we go!

– Prepare a list of food items along with the calories that they give you!

Yes, the first task is to get the chart made and stick it beside your mirror (because that is one thing you use frequently). See to it that it covers all kinds of nutrients that your body needs. You can even ask your doctor to do it.

– Water, water, everywhere ……

Drink lots of water! Water is a very essential item that should be taken frequently. It not only purifies your body but also gets rid of the toxic elements that are responsible for some of the pounds that are troubling you.

– Smoking is not the secret of my energy!

Avoid smoking at all costs. It is degenerative to your body and all that effort you make to reduce the flab may go to waste. Because, although you might be slim and trim, you have what some people refer to as a diseased body.

– It is the distance between your gym and home that matters!

Going to the gym is not always going to help you reduce weight in the long term. The effect can wear off as soon as you stop making the trips. However, daily walking to your gym would definitely help your body better than just lifting dumbbells! Make walking a habit. Brisk walking is all the more better. The point here is to give your body a taste of exercise.

– Move your body!

Make your body move as much as you can. Bend, stretch, run, dance, jump … do whatever you want. Just make sure your body is moving. It is very important as constant movement will lubricate your joints by default and that is healthy. Salsa dance classes sound good … do not they?

Now that you know a little more, dump the unhealthy fad diets that have been staring at you till now. Instead, opt for a healthy nutritious diet (ie Mediterranean diet or something similar) and exercise routine and stay healthy for the rest of your life.

Source by Ray Darken

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