7 Ways to Use Personalized Engraved Corporate Gifts to Build Your Business

Looking for effective new ways to grow your business? Personalized engraved corporate gifts can be used in very creative ways to increase your company's sales.

1. New Product Introduction

Personalized engraved corporate gifts can often help carry informative copy that educates a target audience (potential market, distribution channels, etc). An example could be a software program that highlights or cleans up accounting discrepancies – part of the marketing mix of a solution could be a highlighter, magnifying glass, a lint brush, and a host of other items. If the product is a tangible item, it could be reproduced in miniature and embedded in a lucite paperweight.

2. Opening New Accounts

New contacts and new business is important. A sales force that has promotional tools (not just literature) is a sales force more apt to make contacts and build new business. An example of a personalized engraved corporate gift that could pave the way for future contacts is a quality ceramic coaster that lists the services and benefits of the product / company. According to Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, the average sales call costs in the hundreds of dollars per call. Is not it wise then, to leave something behind that will reinforce what was said at an initial contact?

3. Develop Traffic at Trade Shows

There are many custom promotional items and products that will get qualified buyers at your booth. One good example is the manufacturer that sent out a playing card to prospects inviting them in the booth to see how their poker hand stacked up. Everyone who came back with the card was given a prize or a deck of playing cards with the company logo imprinted on it (and of course a product presentation). Also giving attendees prepaid phone cards are an excellent item to build booth traffic. The attendee is usually away from home and everyone likes free long distance. Of course, it does not hurt that they see your information custom imprinted on the calling card, and that they hear a short recorded company message each time they use the card!

4. Activating Inactive Accounts

Many inactive customers are inactive simply because they have been ignored or made to feel unimportant. These lists of inactives are a gold mine. Follow up and win customers back. An example is an old line large furniture store that had many inactive customers. A mailing was set up where a teaser letter invited them in to pick up their free gift (in this case a custom imprinted prepaid long distance card). When they came in to pick up the gift, they were shown what was new and many sales resulted.

5. Moving Products at the Dealer or Distributor Level

Many times companies have to rely on dealers or distributors, rather than direct employees to move product. Some times these dealers or distributors have more products to sell than just yours. Corporate thank you gifts make sure they will PREFER to sell and move your product.

6. Improve Client or Customer Relations

Your best clients are your competitor's target accounts. 66% of the reason that businesses lose customers is perceived indifference. With tangible symbols of your appreciation of your clients (Christmas remembrances, Birthday programs), your clients are always reminded that you are important to them even after they return from lunch with your competitor.

7. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

This is a variation of improving client relations, but it is important to keep your name in front of people. It has helped Microsoft and Intel, and it can work for your business on a smaller scale. One byproduct of giving personalized engraved corporate gifts is that you are perceived as being a larger business than you are. Of course, the biggest byproduct is that you build good will. People like to get free stuff … what can I tell ya?

Source by Nathalie Vaiser

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