7 Tips to Have Strong Memory

People with strong memory have some habits that will not miss them every day. Practice that habits might make you becomes one of those who have strong memory.

Protect and enhance the ability of the brain is very easy. Self-trained some small habits and change the pattern of life that is not good.

7 simple habits to strengthen the memory, you can apply it in daily life to improve the ability of the brain:
1. No alcohol
Those with a strong memory rarely consume alcoholic beverages, because alcohol can damage the nervous system and weaken the ability of the brain.

2. Watch television no more than an hour each day
They are more often read rather watch.

3. Frequently read novel
By reading the novel, the brain will be trained to think and guess what will happen. Novel is the story plot twist will continue to make the brain think.

4. Always crossed and connected the data
Brain ability will increase when incoming data is connected into one another. Try this simple tips, a data is stored and embedded in the brain stronger longer.

5. Always eat fish
Fish is a known source of protein. Some species of fish such as sardine and salmon contain omega 3 which is very good for the development of brain cells and the ability to remember someone.

6. Drink tea or coffee
Tea and coffee contain caffeine which can stimulate the heart and brain work to keep awake, and work better. However, excessive consumption, especially coffee can result in fatal. Drink in right dose.

7. Always make a note in the form of a small journal or notebook
Incoming data connect to our brain may be recorded and may also not. However, if the data is recorded, then we can look back when forget. Make a note also improve the brain ability to memorize up to 20 percent.

Source by Adam Benjamin

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